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Why Bond for Study Abroad?

  • BuzzFeed has named Bond University as the worlds best study abroad destination.
  • Bond University is the only Australian university with semesters that match US College semesters and quarters. This means you can study at Bond for just 1 semester/quarter (or longer) and not affect your planned graduation date at home.
  • Australia is an English speaking nation.
  • Bond is Australia’s #1 rated university.
  • Bond was ranked in the Top 20 Best Small Universities in the world (2018) by Times Higher Education.
  • Bond is the World's #1 Beachside University (according to Study International).
  • Australian education is ranked #1 in the world by the U.N. and the Legatum Prosperity Index
  • Bond MBA and Law Students are world champions.
  • The staff to student ratio at Bond is 1:10 (one of the worlds lowest)
  • US financial aid transfers from your current university to Bond University with ease.
  • Bond's professors, lecturers and guest speakers are internationally renowned for their unique blend of high-level academic qualifications and real-life practical experience consulting to major corporations worldwide.

Semester Abroad (Study Abroad)

Study Abroad Classes

Classes are available from each of the 7 schools at Bond and can be undertaken at the Undergraduate or Graduate level. A full list of classes is available online. Email us and we will send you the link.


There is a choice of more than 2,000 classes in a diverse range of disciplines and as a study abroad student, you can enroll in either 3 of 4 classes for the semester.

Semester Dates

Bond has 3 intakes per year - September, January and May. To see the exact dates, refer to Bond 101.


Grading System

Bond University makes it easy for US students because it is the only Australian university that follows the American GPA system. The grading system is on a four point scale and a guide to the US equivalent is as follows:








High Distinction











US Equivalent






Getting Credit for Classes Taken at Bond

First you will select the classes you wish to study during your semester(s) at Bond and then present the course material (which we provide you with) to your program advisor or the study abroad office at your school. They can then pre-approve your Bond classes before you depart for Australia.


Once you return from your semester(s) at Bond, we will send your transcripts to your school registrar so you can receive credit for the classes you passed. Each class you take at Bond equates to 4 credits in the USA (so if you take 4 classes, you will get 16 credits).


IMPORTANT: Even though you receive credit for the classes completed (and passed) at Bond, the grade does not always transfer, so your GPA may not be affected by your grades achieved at Bond.


Orientation Week (O-Week)

O-Week is our orientation program occurring the week before classes commence. There are campus tours, Aussie BBQ's, information sessions, trivia & theme nights plus numerous social activities so you will be well and truly settled in and meet many other students (including Australian students who are starting their Bachelors and Masters programs at Bond). There is also an Information Hub set up for new students where you can collect your ID cards, set up your student email account, receive enrollment assistance and gain local information about banks and bus timetables etc.

Adventure & Exploring Australia

You will have many opportunities to enjoy some unique Australian destinations and activities while you are at Bond. There are group day trips throughout the semester where you can participate in adventure activities such as scuba diving, rock climbing, surf lessons, canoeing, horseback-riding and hot air ballooning. There is also a travel agent on campus that arranges group trips to places like Steve Irwin's (The Crocodile Hunter's) Australia Zoo, surfing tours to the best spots on Australia's east coast, the Whitsunday Islands, Fraser Island, Byron Bay and the Great Barrier Reef. There may even be a group you can join that wants to head outback to places like Ayres Rock and Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

Student and Work VISA to Enter Australia

When traveling to many countries, you need to seek permission from that country to stay for extended periods of time. Accordingly, you will require a student visa to study at Bond. A Student Visa may only be applied for once you are accepted to study at Bond University and you have received your Confirmation of Enrollment. Don't sweat it though. We guide you through this process and make it pain free. It usually takes only 1-2 days to be approved.


Your student visa also permits you to work in Australia (once you have commenced your program at Bond) an average of 20 hours per week (officially it's 40 hours every 2 weeks).


The visa will allow you to enter Australia 4 months before your program begins and will expire 1 months after your program is complete.


Jobs and Internships

There are resources on campus (Career Development Centre) and off campus (including and ) for finding jobs or unpaid jobs (internships) whilst studying on the Gold Coast. There are many jobs in hospitality (restaurant, cafe, bar etc) on the Gold Coast so if you have experience in these, you may be able to find part time work. However, be aware that many employers are reluctant to hire students on short term visas.


Entry Requirements

Each application is assessed on an individual basis, however, Bond generally requires a cumulative GPA of 2.3 and above to gain entry as a Study Abroad student. Any GPA below 2.3 won’t be considered.

Transferring Financial Aid to Bond

Financial aid transfers to Bond fairly easily, but each school handles it a little differently. The two most popular methods are:


1) Your financial aid office will send us a Consortium Agreement to sign. This allows your school to continue to certify your loans for the semester you are abroad (ie. keep the loan funds coming). These funds will continue to be paid to you or your school just like always. You or your school will then be responsible for paying Bond University.


2) Some schools prefer to "sponsor" their students studying abroad whereby the school agrees to cover tuition and sometimes housing & dining as well. In this instance, your school just provides a sponsorship letter or email stating that they take full responsibility for the payment of your fees to Bond.


Under either scenario above, you are only required to pay a deposit of AUD$275 to be admitted to the program. The balance of tuition is paid from your financial aid when those funds are disbursed at the beginning of the semester.


Fees & How to Apply

Please visit our Application page for complete instructions and the online application form.

Study Abroad program fees can be viewed at our Fees & Expenses page. The fees are heavily discounted (30%) from the regular Undergraduate tuition fees.


We are North American based Bond University Admissions Agents and provide free support to USA and Canadian students seeking Undergraduate, Graduate & Study Abroad programs at Bond University, Australia.

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