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Why Bond?

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Why Bond?

§        Masters degree completed in just 1 year (JD Law, DPT and Psychology are 2 years).

§        Bond is Australia’s #1 university. *

§         Australia is ranked a world leader in education by the United Nations. *

§         Bond MBA and Law Students are world champions. *

§         Bond’s Film & TV program is ranked Top 10 in the World. *

§         The staff to student ratio at Bond is 1:11 (one of the worlds lowest)


Graduate Programs

Programs are available from each of the 7 schools at Bond. Complete details are provided in the Graduate Guide (above), but a summary can be viewed in the About Bond | Schools channel.



Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Accounting

Master of Actuarial Science

Master of Business

Master of Finance

Master of Financial Management

Master of Sports Management



Juris Doctor (JD)

Master of Laws (LLM)



Master of Sustainable Environments & Planning

Graduate Diploma of Sustainable Environments & Planning

Graduate Certificate of Sustainable Environments & Planning

Master of Valuation & Property Development

Graduate Diploma of Valuation & Property Dev.

Graduate Certificate of Valuation & Property Dev.

Master of Project Management

Graduate Diploma of Project Management

Graduate Certificate of Project Management

Master of Construction Practice

Graduate Diploma in Construction Practice

Graduate Certificate in Construction Practice

Master of Architecture



Master of Advertising - January intake only

Master of Communication (for majors in communication, journalism, public relations etc)



Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) - May intake only -  see more info

Master of Sport Science

Master of Sports Management

Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice - May intake only

Master of Public Health Nutrition - May intake only

Doctor of Philosophy (Health Sciences)

Master of Science by Research (Health Sciences)



Master of Arts

Master of International Relations



Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours program)

Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science

Master of Psychology (Clinical) - May intake only

Master of Psychology (Forensic) - January intake only

Master of Counselling - January intake only



Master of Functional Behaviour Assessment (Autism Spectrum Disorders)



Graduate Certificate of Criminology (4 month program)

Graduate Diploma of Criminology (8 month program)

Master of Criminology (1 year program)




Real World Faculty

Bond’s unbeatable edge is its genuine commitment to the individual. Studying in small classes, you’ll have one-on-one access to some of world's leading academics who mentor each student through an open door policy.

Bond's professors, lecturers and guest speakers are internationally renowned for their unique blend of high-level academic qualifications and real-life practical experience consulting to major corporations worldwide. We also have a number of visiting professors from all over the world who bring an international perspective to our teaching.


Time Required to Complete your Degree

As a year round school, most Graduate Programs at Bond are completed in 3 semesters (1 year). The Juris Doctor (JD) and Psychology programs require 6 semesters (2 years).


Semester Dates

Bond has 3 intakes per year - September, January and May. To see the exact dates, refer to About Bond | Semester Dates.


Student & Work Visa

As when traveling to many countries, you need to seek permission from that country to stay for extended periods of time. Accordingly, you will require a student visa to study at Bond. A Student Visa may only be applied for once you are accepted to study at Bond University and you have received your Confirmation of Enrolment. Don't sweat it though. We guide you through this process and make it pain free. It can take up to 6 weeks (but is often much shorter) to get your Visa so getting your application to us ASAP means we can get everything done in time.

Your student visa also permits you to work in Australia (once you have commenced your program at Bond) up to 20 hours per week. Dependents of students who have commenced a Masters or PhD level program are able to work unlimited hours.

The visa will allow you to enter Australia 3 months before your program begins and will expire 2 months after your program is complete.


JOBS & INTERNSHIPS while studying

There are resources on campus (Career Development Centre) and off campus (including and for finding jobs or unpaid jobs (internships) whilst studying on the Gold Coast. There are many jobs in hospitality (restaurant, cafe, bar etc) on the Gold Coast so if you have experience in these, you will likely find part time work.


Using your Bond degree IN NORTH AMERICA

For the USA, there is an arrangement between the Australian Government and the US Government for reciprocal degree recognition. This means a USA degree can be used in Australia, and an Australian university degree can be used in the USA. This arrangement was further reinforced by its inclusion in the 2004 Free Trade Agreement between Australia and the USA. For specialist industries, each state in the USA has it's own requirements and it is worth investigating with the governing body of your specialist profession to learn the additional requirements for foreign degrees.


The Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) was formed by accounting organizations throughout the world to allow mutual recognition of its members so they can be certified accountants in any other member country. These countries include Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong, England and Wales, Scotland, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa.

Those who graduate with an accounting degree from Australia and become members of the ICAA (Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia) can then receive automatic membership with the GAA counterparts in any of the above listed countries.

Law - USA
Graduates with an Australian law qualification who have been admitted to practice in Australia may be eligible to sit for the bar examinations and obtain admission in some American states. Admission in these states is controlled by local state bar associations and the state supreme courts. Information about admission requirements for foreign law degrees is available through the American Bar Association website at

Most foreign educated lawyers seek admission in California or New York and then do an inter-state transfer (if they wish to practice in another state). The rules in these jurisdictions should be examined carefully to determine whether you satisfy the requirements. You should review these regularly as they are subject to change. The Bond Law School has no control over admission rules.


Law - Canada

To practice law in Canada, you must be admitted to the Bar. This requires an approved law degree followed by additional training (Articles) and a Bar exam. For non Canadian law schools, the approval process begins with the National Committee on Accreditation ("NCA") who are part of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. The NCA will reivew your Bond law degree to confirm you have the education and training equivalent to that of an accredited Canadian law school graduate. Application is made to the NCA at the end of your degree at Bond (which we help you with). The NCA will prescribe five (5) exams in Canadian law and when you pass them all, you will be issued a Certificate of Qualification. The exams are offered four times per year.

The NCA exams you will sit for are Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Foundations of Canadian Law and Canadian Professional Conduct. Your Bond law degree includes all of these classes (except for the new exam of Canadian Professional Conduct), so you will be well prepared for these exams.




Bond alumni are presently employed in high profile companies in many countries around the world. Some of the companies that seek Bond students are: students are:

Goldman Sachs - Virgin Group - KPMG  - Accenture  - Warner Brothers - Village Roadshow  - HP Compaq - Sun Micro Systems - Oracle & Cisco Systems   - Credit Suisse First Boston - PriceWaterhouseCoopers  - ANET/Access US Internet Service Provider - Cartwright, Sloboded, Bockelman, Bodowski & Moore - Davis Polk & Wardwell Full Service Beverage - Gagosian Gallery  - Healthtech Rehabilitation Inc - International Telecomm Satellite Org - Jalan Technology - Shearman & Sterling - Sidley & Austin  - Paul Weiss Rifkin Wharton & Garrison
- Sullivan & Cromwell


Financial Aid & Scholarships

USA Financial Aid: Bond University is registered with the USA Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program for Stafford and PLUS loans.

Canada Financial Aid: Bond University is registered with the Canada Student Loans Program.

Scholarships: Graduate program scholarships are available for select programs.

To learn more about these, please visit the

Apply to Bond | Financial Aid channel.




How to Apply


Please visit the Apply to Bond section of this site for more information.