Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Bond University

    Bond University is located in the center of the East Coast of Australia. It's roughly 500 miles north of Sydney (which is a one hour flight or a nine hour drive). See the map here.

  • Will my degree be recognized when I return home?

    In a nutshell, yes. To learn more, go to the "Using your Degree in North America" section of Undergraduate Programs or Graduate Programs.

  • How many students are there at Bond and what is the mix?

    There are roughly 4,000 students at Bond which are broken down as follows:


    50:50 Male to Female

    65:35 Undergraduate students to Graduate students

    65:35 Australian students to International students.

  • What is the student to staff ratio at Bond?

    The Staff to Student Ratio is 1:11 which is one of the lowest in the world. This makes a BIG difference to the quality of your education.

  • What does it cost to attend Bond?

    Go to Fees and Expenses to see the main costs of attending Bond. For a complete budget tailored just for you, please contact us and we will email it to you.

  • Is there Financial Aid available?

    Yes. Financial Aid comes in two forms:


    1) Scholarships offered by Bond University.


    2) Student Loans offered by the USA government and the Canadian government.


    If you are an Australian citizen, there is Australian government financial aid so please contact us if this applies to you.

  • What are the entry requirements?

    The entry requirements (GPA, documents required etc) vary from program to program. To see more, go to the Entry Requirements sections at:


    Undergraduate Programs

    Graduate Programs

    Semester Abroad


    For specific information for your program of interest, it's best to complete the form here.

  • What are the steps required to get to Bond?

    It's easy and we help you every step of the way. We are your full time Concierge.


    It all starts with an Application.


    You can also see every step in the process here.


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We are North American based Bond University Admissions Counselors and provide free support to USA and Canadian students seeking Undergraduate, Graduate & Study Abroad programs at Bond University, Australia.

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