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Bond 101


Bond University is located on the Gold Coast which is 850 km (530 miles) north of Sydney which is an 80 minute flight or a 9 hour drive.


Airlines that fly direct to Australia are Qantas, United, Delta, Virgin Australia, American and Air Canada. The flight to Australia is about 14 hours and the flight home is just under 13 hours (due to a tailwind). See our Concierge page for travel routes, airport codes, travel dates and assistance for getting to Bond.


Bond University is Australia's leading university. 4,000 students from all over Australia and the world study at Bond for its award winning education programs, real world faculty, exceptional staff to student ratio (1:10) and beautiful campus.

Interesting Stats

50% Male : 50% Female


55% Australian and 45% From Over 80 Countries

65% Undergraduate

35% Graduate

Semester Dates

Bond has three semester intakes a year -  September, January and May. Each semester is 14 weeks, comprising 12 weeks of class, 1 week of review and 1 week of exams.


Orientation Week & Registration

Classes Commence

Semester Ends



Orientation Week & Registration

Classes Commence

Semester Ends


13 January

18 January

24 April



12 January

17 January

27 April



12 May

17 May

21 August



11 May

16 May

20 August


8 September

13 September

18 December



7 September

12 September

17 December

Schools at Bond



Accounting - Data/Actuarial Science - Digital Business - Economics - Entrepreneurship - Finance - Hotel & Tourism Management - International Business - Management - Marketing.


Bond University’s School of Business is one of the world's most dynamic private business schools and offers a diverse range of programs, each characterized by a hands-on entrepreneurial approach, applying academic theory to the often intangible complexities of actual corporate case-studies.


Bond Business School is the only Australian private business school with dual AACSB and EQUIS accreditation.


The academic staff hold PhDs from top international universities and challenge students to learn the most forward thinking business techniques. There is also a strong focus on real life relevance where entrepreneurs and senior executives are part of the teaching staff and programs at Bond.


Hands-on practical experience is further developed in classes such as Business Model Generation and Business Model Execution where students create, develop and implement their own business and the Macquarie Trading Rooms where students execute simulated deals, manage portfolios and trade financial securities using Bloomberg's live market data.



Recognized as one of Australia’s and globally top-ranked law schools, Bond Law has earned a reputation for its innovative teaching methods, internationally focused skills training and the outstanding success of its graduates who work in top-tier law firms worldwide.


The centrepiece of Bond Law is the multi-million dollar Legal Skills Centre where students learn practical lawyering skills in a full scale electronic moot court equipped with evidence management systems, video conferencing facilities and video streaming.


These teaching facilities are more than matched by the caliber academic and industry experience offered by some of Australia’s most eminent law professors, lecturers and legal specialists and two notable Canadian academics who teach our Canadian Law program.


Bond Law was the first Australian law faculty to incorporate a Legal Skills program into both undergraduate and graduate curricula, and the only faculty to limit tutorials to less than twelve students, ensuring each benefits from individual attention.


Bond Law students have full access to unparalleled academic and technological resources (including one of Australia’s most extensive law libraries), prestigious internships and an international exchange program with prominent USA partners such as Duke Law School, Northwestern Law School, USC Law School and the University of Texas Law School and Canadian partners such as St .Francis Xavier Law School and University of Saskatchewan Law School.



Society and Design


Architecutre & Built Environments - Communication and Creative Media - International Relations and Humanities - Social Sciences.


With a strong emphasis on vocationally oriented studies, the classes offered reflect the University’s international role and underline its commitment to Australia and its immediate interests. In all disciplines, the very latest theory and research is applied to real-life practice, with the opportunity for internships and work experience, and the Faculty prides itself on offering a challenging intellectual climate that encourages students to widen their sense of what is humanly possible.


Our 'work ready' focus is also reflected in unparalleled learning facilities that represent the workplace of the future, such as the award-winning Sustainable Development school building, the Abedian School of Architecture, The Psychology Clinic and one of the largest and most modern film and television production facilities in the state.


The School of Sustainable Development offers the first designated planning and design course in Australia to fully integrate environmental, urban planning and architectural disciplines with the core practical issues of financial viability and societal expectations. These are the only programs in Australia that that place environmentally sustainable planning and design within the context of business, societal, economic, financial, legal and information technology applications.



Health Sciences and Medicine


Medicine - Physical Therapy - Occupational Therapy - Sports Science - Nutrition & Dietetics - Retrieval Medicine - Clinical Education - Medical Laboratory Science


The School of Health Sciences & Medicine is dedicated to shaping health professionals who are distinguished not just by their superior clinical skills, but by their ethics, compassion and humanity.


The schools advanced teaching and research facilities include the Bond Institute of Health & Sport where students work with professional sporting teams and elite athletes from all over the world in specialist exercise and sports science laboratories.


Students also have the opportunity to work on ground breaking studies through a number of research centres associated with Bond, including the Collaborative Research Network for Advancing Exercise and Sports Science and the Clem Jones Research Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

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