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Apply to Bond University

IMPORTANT: Bond has a new online application (as of July 24, 2020) which requires us to send you a link by email. Therefore, please click the button above and enter your details and we will then send you the link.

Supporting Documents Required

1) Transcripts

You can upload transcripts (which are considered unofficial), but it’s better to order official (sealed) transcripts and have them mailed to our office in California (address below). Or if electronic delivery is available, have them emailed to

For college transcripts, we also need the transcript grading scale. This is usually printed on the reverse side of official transcripts (so if they are mailed or emailed to us, we will have everything we need). If you provide unofficial transcripts, you may need to find your school grading scale online or elsewhere and provide it to us.


For undergraduate transfer and graduate applicants, we require all transcripts from all colleges/universities you attended.


Bond University Admissions

7111 Santa Monica Blvd

Suite B-222

West Hollywood CA 90046

2) Passport (or proof of citizenship)

Please copy the inside cover of your Passport (see below) and attach it to your application or email it or fax it to our North American office. If you don't have a Passport right now, please provide us with a copy of your birth certificate or drivers license. But we will need a copy of your Passport at some point before you can commence studies at Bond (for immigration purposes).

USA Passport

Canadian Passport

Additional Requirements

We are North American based Bond University Admissions Agents and provide free support to USA and Canadian students seeking Undergraduate, Graduate & Study Abroad programs at Bond University, Australia.

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